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Water Resto USA is a local company located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, serving the entire Broward county, Palm Beach county, and Miami-Dade county. We provide a wide range of service, including water damage restoration and repair, FREE water damage and flood damage inspection & estimate, water damage and flood damage cleanup, water damage and flood damage mitigation, and water damage and flood damage recovery.

In addition, our company also provides leak detection and damage cleanup, repair, and restoration. Furthermore, Water Resto USA provides mold inspection, testing, removal, repair, remediation, and restoration, fires and smoke damage inspection, testing, removal, repair, remediation, and restoration, as well as odor removal.

We are fast to arrive at the scene of the damages property, and works with the home owner to restore the property to its previous condition, and many times to a better condition that it previously was. When we treat a property, we treat it as if it was ours.

We use the latest technology and equipment, adhere to local rules and guidelines, and our technicians are well trained and experienced. Call us now for a free inspection.

Our Services

Water Damage Inspections

Free Water Damage Inspection

Finding water damage in your home can cause stress, but we are here to tell you it will be alright. Call for free inspection.

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Water Damage Estimate

Free Water Damage Estimate

If your home suffers water damage, it’s important to understand the full extent of the damage. Call us for free estimate.

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Water Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup

During water damage cleanup, our technicians will remove the water, the damaged items, and clean the property.

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Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair

Before we restore your property to its pre-damaged condition, we will repair anything that needs repairing.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Restoring a home after a water damage must happen quickly. We specialize is water damage restoration. Call us now.

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Water Damage Recovery

Water Damage Recovery

We are fully licensed and insured to perform water damage recovery. Our technicians are trained to the industry’s highest standards.

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Roof Leak

Leak Damage Repair

Leaks may cause property damage and mold, thus, creating health issues. We detect leaks, and repair them.

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Emergency Response Services

Flood Damage Repair

Flood damage may create illnesses and spread mold. Keep yourself and family healthy, and protect your property. Call us for free inspection.

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Mold Remediation Services

Mold Damage Repair

Mold can cause damage to your home, personal property, and can lead to serious health illnesses. Call us for free inspection.

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Fire Damage Resoration

Fire Damage Repair

Whether it be from a kitchen fire or even a lightning strike, Fire damage can be devastating and cause emotional exhaustion.

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Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage Repair

Smoke damage is both a health hazard and damaging to property. Protect your health and property. Call Water Resto USA to repair it now.

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Odor Removal

Odor Removal

If you smell musty odors, then you probably have mold growing in your home or business. Protect your health and property.

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Incredible company! They team was polite and explained to me the way water leaked through the house roof. They helped me deal with the insurance company which were giving me problems on paying for the damages! Very happy thanks to Water Resto USA! These guys are real professionals!

- Roy Melanie

Water Resto USA did a great job cleaning up water damage in my house. Very fast response. They did a fantastic job. They left my place clean as if nothing happened. Great price too. I highly recommend Water Resto USA to anyone who needs help with flood,l and water damage clean up!! 5 thumbs up!!

- Ann L

I've used help of Water Resto USA twice in past 12 months and have nothing but great things to say about their service and the work they do. They were on time with our appointment and went through our area that had mold in detail, providing additional insights into things we should know to correct and prevent further damage from mold. Completely professional, kind and patient. Highly Recommended!

- Naomi Landers

I had an amazing experience with Water Resto USA. They have been quick, easy to schedule and everyone I have interacted with has been incredibly easy to work with and friendly. We would definitely hire this company again if their services are needed. Keep up the great work!

- Mariella Nick

A pipe to our water heater in the garage rusted away and water leaked underneath the closet where the water heater was stored. We called Water Resto USA and they arrived within an hour or two after we called. They took care of all the work with ease. I was pleasantly surprised with the rate as well. I thought it would be much higher. They were very fair while calculating the fees.

- John Givens

For water damage restoration, I know that Water Resto USA is one of the best in the region. I had problems with the pipes in my kitchen many times. The last time, approximately two weeks ago, the whole kitchen was flooded. The team came on time, they were friendly and very knowledgeable. They restored everything in my kitchen to the same condition as it was before. Kudos to their work. Extremely satisfied!

- Rene Lohan

We've been working with Water Resto USA for years and we'd recommend this company to anyone in need of restoration services. They have made several difficult property damage situations easy for our office. The team was responsive, professional, and attentive. Within minutes of calling they sent the trucks headed towards the office, and took what I felt was a very ethical approach. A+ so far!

- Daniel Gordon

Water Resto USA are great. I had a small water damage from my A/C unit. I asked for help late night and they responded very quickly, I called them and they explained me the usual water damage clean up process that prevents the mold damage. The executive over the phone recommended me to do a mold testing before spending any money. After the inspection, minor water damage was fixed by them and they left the place leaving no mark. Very satisfied with their services!

- Lydia Dean

I had an unfortunate mold problem as a result of a roof leak, and Water Resto USA was prompt in responding to my inquiries. Responsive, productive and reasonable pricing, they know their job. No attempt to up sell any unnecessary services. You don't find this type of service and honesty at such a good price these days. Really very much satisfied with their work. Great service!!

- Jessica Royal

I have used the services of Water Resto USA on two occasions and in both situations, I was thoroughly pleased with this company. They are highly professional in their approach and they definitely know how to solve problems and their prices were very fair. Overall great experience, I would highly recommend this company for damage restoration services!

- Rose F

If you ever need a great crew to come out and help with carpet or rug damage, these are the people to call. We had some mold and water stains on our carpets at our lake house, Water Resto USA came out that day and were so helpful and reliable. Again, these guys are the best, highly recommend them to anyone!

- David Nutter

We called Water Resto USA prior to purchasing a new apartment because we found black mold and were very concerned. They went through and checked every part of the apartment. They assured us that it was not a big job and easy to take care of, and also gave us an estimate of how much the job would cost. They were very pleasant to work with, honest, efficient, and professional. These guys are top notch and I highly recommend them!

- Laura Nerd

These guys are amazing! They really come through when you need them. My basement flooded because of a faulty water pump and I had quite a mess. They explained in detail what needed to be done then got right to work. I knew right away we were in good hands. The work was completed in no time. Very satisfied with the services provided by Water Resto USA! Highly Recommended!

- Sunny Daniel

We had a magnificent experience with this company. They were swift, perfectly on schedule and every single we have interacted with were incredibly great to work with and humble too. We would only prefer Water Resto USA again if their help is needed. Highly Recommended.

- Megan Anie

Our AC unit got broke and water leaked out the bottom of AC, soaking my upstairs hall and bedroom. I reached Water Resto USA for help and they assured us to get back quickly. They arrived at my place in no time and easily handled the situation, set up the equipment, and started drying up the floor. They were very professional and precise while doing the process and answered all my questions without any hesitation. Really pleased with their services!

- Santhia Claine

Water Resto USAcompany I have ever dealt with concerning home repair. They are thorough and hard working at the highest level. Their removal of the damaged portions of our home was done with great care and precision. Every member of the staff I have dealt with has been incredibly helpful. I would recommend them anytime. Thank you for the hard work!!

- Rachel Ryan

Our washing machine got broke and water leaked out the bottom of washer, soaking my upstairs hall and bedroom. I called Water Resto USA, and assured us to send help quickly. They arrived at my place in few hours and efficiently assessed the situation, set up the equipment, and began drying up the flood. They patient and caring while explaining to me the process and answering all my questions. Really pleased with their services!

- Amanda Rithm

Water Resto USA is the absolute best company I have ever dealt with, from scheduling an appointment to the completion of a job done extremely well. Their attention to detail was amazing. I would urge you to contact this company. If you need professional cleaning as I am sure you will be fully satisfied with the end.

- Chris Watson

Water Resto USA are very professional, Maribel and her team were able to deal with what I thought it was a disater. Thanks guys!

- Marat Filler

Thank you to Water Resto USA and specifically Scotty for helping us out with the mold damaged I had in my apartment!. They are all really professional and an honest group of people!. It was quick, effective, well priced, diligent and super helpful explaining all the work they were doing!

- Johanna Flores

Needed Quick Help to mitigate Hurricane Florence damage. Although Water Resto USA wasn't able to reach me in time, they recommended another roofing company that was Professional and timely. The director for Eastern NC Scotty Davis was a real help when I needed help the most. Thank you.

- Derek Bowker

We had flood damage from a leak in a neighboring condo. We called Water Resto USA and they took care of all the work quickly and at a much lower price than the other companies that quoted. The communication with Scotty was very easy and he made sure to keep us informed throughout the process, with constant updates and photos. I would definitely use them again. I already recommended them to a work colleague as they were so efficient and well-priced.

- Lucia Hare-Leahy

Great crew fast response. Found my pipe in the bathroom. Dried my place in no time.

- Hagay – Boca Raton, FL

I had a pipe leak inside my home called Water Resto USA Team to assist the problem I had in my home. A very professional team the guys are great and the ladies in the office are wonderful.

- Margarita – Oakland Park, FL

When Water Resto USA team came to my home to set up drying equipment I knew that were going to take care of my home. The guys are great they are so nice and professional.

- Maribel – Oakland Park, FL

My wife and I were both amazed by the end result and assistance from this Miami Water Damage Restoration Company. Thanks to Water Resto USA Team, We are back on track!

- Harry L – Miami FL

I have had a wonderful experience, just absolutely the best. Thank you so much!

- Tedshini – Miami, FL

My dishwasher leaked and created a flood. Water Resto USA came out in less than an hour and had their butts dry up the floors and set up the drying machines to take care of our issue. Great job!!

- Mike – Fort Lauderdale, F

water restoration service

Water, Mold, Fire, and Smoke Damage Experts

Water Resto USA offers complete 24 hour emergency Water Damage restoration and repair, Fire Damage, and Mold Remediation services to homes and businesses across South Florida. When disaster strikes, We’re ready to respond, For less!


why choose water resto usa?


Water Resto USA offers 24-hour emergency water removal and restoration services with a 30-minute response time.


Our goal is to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. We will work hard to have your property back to how it was fast.


All our experienced staff members have extensive training and personally oversee all aspects of each job.


Water Resto USA mold removal services eradicates and helps prevent mold growth by utilizing state of the art machinery and technology.

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