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The 4 Crucial Steps to Take When You Face a Water Damage Problem

Whether it’s your home or office, water damage is something that can turn things upside down. Nothing is more disruptive and inconvenient than dealing with this particular problem on your property. Even after taking the best care of the plumbing elements, water damage makes space into the property through sudden pipe burst, uncontrollable leaky faucets, or after a disastrous flood.

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We know the situation is difficult to handle because water damage brings lots of problems along with it. And also you are not a professional who knows the tips and tricks for the water restoration process. But this does not mean you will stand still and become the witness of your property damage.

First, you should call a water restoration service provider, and by the time professionals arrive, you should take a few crucial steps to reduce the further damages and stop the situation from turning into a disaster.

In this post, we have discussed the steps that you should take before the arrival of the water restoration experts.

Put on proper clothing 

Before you secure your property from water damage, you should think about your safety first. It’s brave to step into accumulated water but you should take the step ahead after putting up proper clothing along with safety gears. Though the solution will be temporary, your safety matters.

You should always have a safety kit to deal with such situations and it should include water-resistant clothes along with a hard helmet and water-proof boots. You should always have gloves for handling water, chemicals, and sewage. Wear these before jumping for disaster management.

Turn off the main water supply

If it’s not flooding damage, then your main course of action should be shutting the main water line. Once the water flow is stopped, it will prevent leaking and causing further damages as well. The best thing about turning off the main water supply is you will stop water levels from increasing without knowing the actual defect.

For this step, you should know the location of the main water line and the process to shut it as quickly as possible.

Remove the furniture and other valuables

More than property structure, furniture, and other valuables are impacted by water damage, especially if the water is standing for long. To protect these items, you should shift them to other floors with no standing water or away from your home’s affected areas.

After removing the furniture and other valuables, you should ensure that they are dried. If you think they are wet, dry them quickly by keeping them in an open area or using a dryer. Not a bit of water should be left behind; otherwise, it will damage the items.

Unplug electrical appliances 

You very well know that water and electricity do not go well together so you should unplug all the electrical appliances. If you are unable to access the appliances individually, you should look for the central electrical system and put-off the main switch immediately.

If the electrical appliances are not shut-off on time, you might suffer from an electric shock which can be life-threatening. And for this, you should know the location of the central electrical system and the way to turn-off quickly.

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Your preparation and immediate actions after confronting water damage will keep things under control and protect you, your family members, and your property successfully. Also, you will reduce the burden of the water restoration service provider as well as the cost of water damage repairs.