Even a minor leak can lead to major damage and expenses. The good news is that our experienced and well-informed leak detection team is here to offer help for all kinds of residential and commercial properties in Tampa.

We provide you with non-destructive leak detection and repair solutions to find all kinds of hidden leaks on any internal and external pipework including heating systems, drain pipes, and water mains.

When Do You Know it’s a Leak?

There is a leakage in your home if you:

➤ Find water stains on ceilings and walls
➤ Observe an unexplained increase in your water bill
➤ Notice constant rushing or dripping water sounds even when no water is running
➤ Find that the water level of your swimming pool constantly decreasing

Water leakage can lead to more serious structural problems to your property and also increases the health hazards associated with living in a damp property.

No matter how big or small a leak is, you can be sure that our team of experts can help you with professional leak detection and repair services in Tampa. They will come to your property to locate and fix all kinds of leaks in no time. Trust us for fixing: 

➤ Underground leaks
➤ Water mains leaks
➤ Ground source heat pump leaks
➤ Central heating system leaks
➤ Swimming pool leaks
➤ Cold and hot feed leaks
➤ Underfloor heating leaks

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our highly-skilled technicians locate the source of hidden leakage without creating unnecessary damage to your property.

Our highly sensitive and accurate equipment enables our team to deliver cost-effective leak detection services in Tampa and make repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When you suspect a leak, you should look for the below-mentioned indications:

➤ A sudden issue with rusty water, air, or dirt in the water supply
➤ A sudden drop in water pressure
➤ Unusual damp soil
➤ Sinking, cracking, heaving, or potholes
➤ The landscape is abnormally lush and green
➤ Water accumulation on the ground surface
➤ Water use that has been steadily escalating

There are numerous contributing factors that may be a reason for leaks to occur.  Some of the prevalent issues are:

➤ Tree root intrusion
➤ Poor installation
➤ Low-quality pipes
➤ Old plumbing lines (corrosion)
➤ Broken seals
➤ Clogged drains
➤ Loose pipe joints
➤ Excess water pressure
➤ Rapid temperature changes
➤ High water pressure
➤ Soil conditions
➤ Accidental pipe breaks during drilling/excavation

The leak detection and repair cost in Tampa may vary depending on various factors such as:

➤ Type of leakage
➤ Type of property—commercial or residential
➤ Number of leaks
➤ Soil conditions
➤ The time required to find and fix the leakage

For more information, call (954) 515-9338 or contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.