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My House Suffered From Fire Damage, What Should I Do?

It’s scary but unfortunately unavoidable, especially if the source is unknown. It’s a devastating and dangerous experience which no one would ever like to even imagine. Sometimes, the intensity of the fire is so high that it severely affects the property and lives of the people forever.

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You cannot avoid fire damage, but you can minimize the after-effects.

First, you need to calm and patient. As the fire is extinguished and it’s not spreading to other parts, you can relax a bit before taking the other steps.

DIY steps for fire damage clean up

Step inside your house with safety– Based on the fire intensity, you should make sure your property is safe to enter. Due to fire damage and the spread of smoke inside the house, nothing is visible so you should take every step with caution.

You should enter your house only after the smoke is over or things are visible. In case you are not careful, chances are you might touch the hot spots and unsupported beams.

Document the damage for the insurance claim- If your house is fire-insured, you should document the damage for your insurance company. Take pictures that can give an idea of the damage to the insurance company and you can get the maximum amount. The photos should be clear so the insurance company cannot deny your quotes.

Move the unaffected items – After entering, you should look for unaffected and undamaged items. If these items are accessible, you should try to move them to a safe place. But while moving, you should be very careful. You shouldn’t touch them bare-hands. Moving the items will protect them from getting destroyed.

Should I hire professionals for fire damage clean up? If yes, then Why?

You should definitely hire professionals for fire damage clean up. You should move to take the above-mentioned DIY steps only after calling a well-reputed fire damage restoration company. While they are on the way, you should complete these tasks.

The reasons to hire professionals are:

1. Fire damage leaves broken glass, sharp objects, and other variety of hazards that are difficult to identify, especially if you are not experienced in this field. Working with professionals will keep the process because they use the necessary tools to clear the area of all hazardous debris. You won’t step on any hazardous item.

2. Fire damage clean up professionals follow the rules and regulations of the local community during the process. They wouldn’t use normal trash and dumpster service and look for a designated place to throw the wastes. They will make sure your home complies with governing laws for clean up.

3. The best part of working with professionals for fire damage cleanup is they can restore more than expected items. You might consider the items destroyed, but professionals will restore them completely.

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Now you know what to do after experiencing fire damage in your house. So take the steps we recommended and be safe.