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Heat and humidity are the culprits for many issues in some southern states. Mold growth is one of the major issues. Mold can be caused by quite a few situations. Did you know that mold can also be caused by the settings on your thermostat? It’s wise to know the correct settings for your thermostat to help prevent mold growth and other issues. Dangerous mold growth will require mold removal services.

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Your thermostat has two fan settings: ‘on’ and ‘auto.’ If you set your thermostat to the ‘on’ setting, the fan will run constantly. It will run when your air conditioner is running on its cooling cycle and even when it’s not. If you set your thermostat to the ‘auto’ setting, the fan will only run during the air conditioning cooling cycles. There are a couple of reasons why keeping your thermostat fan set to ‘on’ is not a good idea. If your fan is constantly running, your electric bill will be huge! You will also be using way more energy than necessary, which is bad for the planet. Your fan may also require additional maintenance if it’s running all the time. In addition, it may need to be replaced much sooner than if you set your thermostat to ‘auto.’

Your Air Conditioner Has Two Jobs

Your air conditioner has two important jobs. The first job it has is to cool the air in your home. It’s second job is to take the humidity out of your home. Your air conditioner has evaporator coils. When warm and humid air passes over these coils, water condenses on the coils which takes the humidity out of the air in your home. Cool and dry air comes out of the vents in your home when set on a cool setting. If your home is not cool enough or is too humid, you’re setting yourself up for mold growth and other problems which may require mold removal services.

Thermostat Fans and Humidity Battles

If you keep your thermostat fan set to the ‘auto’ position and your indoor air temperature setting to a cool temperature, you’ll prevent humidity which can result in mold growth. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends keeping the air inside your home and business to a humidity level of 30-50 percent. If the humidity in your home is too high, it will lead to mold growth which will require mold removal services. It can cause health problems.

The Dangers of High Indoor Humidity

If you’re in a home or place of business for too long where the temperature and humidity is high, you may experience a heat-related illness. This is especially true for people with underlying health issues, babies and the elderly. High humidity can cause mold growth, which can also cause health problems such as respiratory illness and even death if left untreated. Humidity can lead to damage to your home such as warping wood or damage to your heating and air conditioner systems.

Mold and Dust Mites

Humidity and mold are a prime environment for dust mites. Dust mites absorb moisture from the air to survive. Dust mites can cause health issues by leaving their dead bodies and their waste in your home. Mold spores and dust mites are common allergens.


If you’ve ever been guilty of setting your fan to the ‘on’ position for a long period of time, keeping your thermostat set above 80 degrees, constantly have high humidity inside your home or actually see mold growth, it may be time for mold removal services.

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