At Water Resto USA, we use the most advanced Leak Detection Experts to locate the hidden sources of water leaks that the naked eye cannot see. Our team in Miami will provide you with affordable leak detection and repair services for both commercial and residential properties.

We offer customized solutions to business owners, homeowners, and property managers, who suspect that their property has a hidden leakage problem.

No Property Damage

As the leading leak detection experts in Miami, we minimize the damage. Our highly-skilled experts use the most advanced leak detection systems to detect the leakage without damaging the structural integrity of your property. We offer exceptional results without the destruction and excavation of traditional leak detection methods.

Once we identify the source of your leaks, we perform accurate and timely repair to avoid further damages. If you notice the below-mentioned signs of leakages, you need professional help.

✔ Chronic sewer backup

✔ Water meter running even when there is zero water consumption

✔ Sudden rise in water bills

✔ Experiencing running water sound even when nothing is in use

✔ Excessive moisture under carpets

✔ Warm areas on concrete floors

Our Leak Detection Equipment

This is the most preferred method which involves infrared technology. In the process, a small camera is inserted into the pipe.

This camera is specially designed to take inside videos and photos of the pipe at different angles.

Our leak detection experts in Miami are then able to locate any kind of cracks and other signs of leakage.

This method involves using a digital instrument to identify any sign of leakage. 

It is attached to one end of the external pipe system. The variation in the water pressure in the pipeline will help the smart meter locate the point of leaking. 

It also provides clear water consumption and helps you track and control water usage.

We use leak detecting listening discs and ground microphones in Miami to find all kinds of hidden water leaks.

This equipment helps locate leakage through brick, concrete, cabinets, drywall, and other furnishings. 

It amplifies the sounds of leaking water and our skilled technicians get a better idea of where the leak is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you doubt that you have a leak within your property but are not able to identify its exact location, you can check by using your water meter. First of all, turn off all your taps and check the dial on your meter.

➤ If the water meter dial is still running, it indicates that there is a leak in your internal pipe system.

➤ If the water meter dial does not move, it indicates that the leakage is related to an external source such as a drainage pipe.

If you are not able to locate the leakage, It’s time to call professional leak detection services in Miami.

Tracer gas is injected into a segregated section of the pipeline system. Being lighter than air, the gas will escape, if leaks are present. The tracer gas will penetrate the surface of the pavement or the soil above the leak.

Our experts use a high-sensitivity gas detection system to locate the leaking gas by scanning the affected area.

Yes, it is a safe procedure. There are a large number of tracer gases available for air leak detection—argon, helium, nitrogen, etc. Our leak detection experts in Miami use effective and safe tracer gas that is:

➤ Quantifiable through leak testing

➤ Inert (non-flammable gas that does not react chemically)

➤ Non-toxic to animals, humans, and the environment

➤ Not mistaken for other gases

➤ Not present in the surrounding

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