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The worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has people scrambling to protect themselves, their homes and businesses from potential contamination. The virus is thought to spread mainly between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet) through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Recent studies have determined that the virus can survive in the air, once airborne for up to 4 hours. This means that a person (i.e. an employee, customer, resident, etc.) infected with it can cough, sneeze or even simply talk and they will contaminate the air in a room for hours.


Also, a person infected with COVID-19 can contaminate objects and surfaces in a home or business by once again exhaling infected droplets and they settle on these objects. Once contaminated, the virus can then survive on these surfaces for anywhere from 4 – 14 days! To make matters worse, now when another person happens by and touches these infected surfaces and then touches their own mouth, nose or eyes, they too become infected.


According to the World Health Organization, this is one the main ways it’s spread among employees and customers. People touch a contaminated surface or object (i.e. counter top, light switch, furniture, computers, cell phone, keypad, etc.) and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth. Within 2 – 3 weeks they start showing symptoms.

So How Do You Protect Yourself?

For contaminated surfaces, some sources tell you to simply wash surfaces in your home and business with regular soap and water. Yet this is not 100% effective because your soap is not designed to kill all microbes and contaminants. Plus, most people aren’t trained in proper antimicrobial cleaning techniques as established by OSHA and the EPA.
For killing coronavirus in the air,these same sources tell you to simply open your windows and air out your home or business for a few hours to blow out any Coronavirus that may be present. Others say to spray aerosol disinfectant around in the hopes of killing it. Yet neither are reliable for eliminating or actually killing COVID -19.
The reality is that your average homeowner or business owner doesn’t know what it takes to kill the coronavirus correctly in their home or business and are not trained properly in how to do it.

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How We Kill The CoronaVirus In Your Home And Business…
And Make It Safe For You, Your Family and Your Employees

As you can see, the coronavirus is very persistent and insidious. This is why having a trusted professional disease and bio hazard remediation company on your side is so important. Here at Water Resto USA, our trained technicians follow EPA and level ‘C’ OSHA standards and strictly follow the most state-of-the-art procedures when it comes to disease cleanup and disinfection. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still novel, so we continually consult with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for up-to-date solutions and utilize CDC approved and EPA registered disinfectants.

We use industrial strength antimicrobial cleaning agents to sanitize and disinfect all high traffic touch and contact areas in your home or business. This includes the counter tops, light switches, doorknobs, handrails, phones, computers, etc.

We then kill coronavirus in the air and in your air conditioning system with a technique known as fogging. This is where we use an industrial strength antimicrobial solution, convert it into a fog with a commercial fogging machine, and literally going through each room in your business or home and fog every inch of it from top to bottom. This kills the coronavirus on contact.

Next, we use hydroxyl generators that use the same broad range of UV radiation as the sun to naturally clean and deodorize indoor environments (these dismantle the molecular structure of odors and Organic compounds).

Afterwards, we can even test your home or business to make sure that any signs of the virus are gone. We are dedicated to providing rapid emergency response 24/7 throughout the southern Florida area.

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See our residential sanitizing in action:

See our Commercial air sanitizing service in action:

NOTE – We use only EPA approved environment-friendly natural products, and antimicrobial solutions that kill Biological Threats such as the Coronavirus within seconds of contact on ANY contaminated surface or even as an airborne droplet within your home or business.

So How Much Does It Cost?

We historically have done these type of services for businesses, commercial structures, apartment buildings, warehouses, government facilities, etc.. Yet we wanted to be able to help everyday people benefit by having access to the same biohazard solutions that bigger companies and wealthy people get.


So we designed smaller priced packages just for homeowners that fit comfortably into your budget. We don’t make much on these projects yet it’s our way of giving something back and helping our local community.


* Pricing for homeowners – is based on how big your house is and starts at just a couple hundred dollars.

* Pricing for businesses – is based on the square footage of your office or facility.


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  • Eco-friendly products and services
  • State-of the-Art cleaning & sanitizing techniques
  • Pathogens are killed within seconds
  • We target over 20 specific disease-causing pathogens
  • No pre-cleaning is required
  • Stable to 160 degrees
  • No residues are left behind
  • Industrial strength Medical-grade disinfectant is used
  • Our products are safe for food surfaces
  • We are EPA registered
  • We thoroughly sanitize the air
  • Safe for children and pets

Our COVID-19 Response Strategy: Three Levels Of Protection

LEVEL 1:  Precautionary

Level one protection is for businesses and homeowners with no known contamination seeking to maintain safe and sanitary environments for their families, customers and employees.

For homes – One cleaning and sanitizing treatment is usually fine.

For businesses – Depending on the amount of traffic coming into your business (i.e. restaurant, assisted living facility, nursing home, grocery store, warehouse, etc.). Anywhere from once per week to daily disinfection will be conducted by Water Resto USA’s team of trained and experienced biohazard clean up technicians, using EPA-registered disinfectants and proper disposal of waste. Treatments can be performed

LEVEL 2:  Possible Exposure

Homes, business or public spaces with suspected exposure (an infected person has been inside the home or building) require detailed 10-foot down disinfection and deep-clean decontamination performed by Water Resto USA’s biohazard cleanup technicians specially qualified for respiratory cleanup.


LEVEL 3:  Confirmed Exposure

Homes, businesses or public spaces with confirmed exposure to COVID-19 require customized protocols specific to the site to ensure thorough and proper decontamination. At Water Resto USA, we work with you to develop a custom plan that protects the health of your family, employees, customers and communities. For businesses we also mitigate the impact to on your daily business operations.

All Levels Employ The Following Methods And Technologies As Appropriate

  • EPA-registered antimicrobial cleaners and disinfectant agents.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection.
  • Vaporized mist fogger with EPA-Registered Chemicals
  • Donning and doffing of personal protection equipment (PPE), including respiratory protection
  • Disposal of waste marked as a biohazard.
  • Decontamination team health monitoring.

We Make Sure To Keep You, Your Family, Your Employees & Customers Safe
Throughout The Entire Process!


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Remember, you do have options! You can fight back against COVID -19.

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