Common Causes of Residential Fires in The US

One of the most important strategies to prevent and control house fires is to know what causes them in the first place. Between 2014 and 2018, there were nearly 400,000 residential fires in America that resulted in more than 2700 civilian deaths and 11,477 civilian injuries while damaging property worth more than $7 billion. While recovering your property from the fire damage can be a lot overwhelming, getting assistance from a fire damage restoration company can reduce the stress and work burden completely.

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By learning how house fires usually start, you will have better chances to prevent them and protect your loved ones. So, in this post, we’ve decided to share some of the most common means that lead to residential fires.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires happen due to several reasons and most of them are highly devastating. The most common reasons for electrical fires to happen are short-circuits sparking and igniting nearby building materials. Sometimes, they are caused by circuits that are overloaded with current and overheating. They are deemed to be dangerous because they are inconspicuous and can go undetected until it’s too late. Thus, anytime you move into a new home or buy a major electrical appliance, call an experienced and skilled electrician to take a look at the wiring and load if it is safe or not.

Home Cooking

Fires associated with cooking make up half of all residential fires. They are generally caused by overheated grease and an oven or stovetop being left on. When grease gets hot enough, it can ignite fire itself. To avoid kitchen fires, make sure you always double-check the oven and stovetop that it is turned off after use. And clean the surfaces that collect grease either yourself or call professionals to clean your kitchen properly on a regular basis. Portable appliances like toasters should be cleaned and left to cool before they are stored. Barbecues can also be quite dangerous when left unattended. So, pay attention and turn off your appliances when you are not in their vicinity.

Christmas Trees

In winter months, another common cause of residential fires is Christmas trees and its decorations. No matter if you have a real or fake Christmas tree, it can lead to fire when it is covered with lights and other flammable materials like tinsel and garlands. If a tree catches fire, it will be destroyed by flames within a few minutes and thereafter, the fire will spread quickly in your house. Thus, always make sure to turn off the lights on the tree when you are going to bed or out of the house. In case your lights are too old, replace them with newer LED lights as they don’t get that much hot and reduce the risk of fire.


People often forget to blow their candles out. Though a candle is a less common factor to cause a fire, when it is, they cause no less damage to your home. Regardless of whether you are using candles to uplift the ambiance of your home or to light your room during power outages, make sure that your pets, kids, or other people in the house are not going to knock them over. Keep all the flammable material away from your candles. In case you suffer from forgetfulness, then set a reminder to blow them out before you go out or to your bed.

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It can be difficult to remain alert all the time. But the more attentive you will be, the better off you will be.

If you have recently suffered from a fire disaster in your building and are still dealing with fire damage issues such as smoke and soot smell, call the fire damage restoration company before smoke and soot particles are completely ingrained into the fabric and upholstery in your home.

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